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    It might seem like too obvious a question, but ask yourself - "What purpose is my website design meant to serve?" Even if you feel like you already know, just getting an answer out into the open can be incredibly revelatory. When we first pose this question to other clients, the typical answer is somewhere along the lines of "to promote and let people know about the business we run" or "showing off our portfolio to hopefully get work." The answers vary of course, but it's clear that people tend to view starting a website as a possible business venture more often than not.

    In our opinion, the best answer should be "to drive sales" or "get people to come to us." If your aim is to bolster a business, make affiliate sales, or entice people to hire you for your talents, your corresponding website's purpose is to instill action in the visitor. You don't want them to click away and forget you ever existed once they stop by. Worst of all, you certainly don't want to have your site just sitting there not getting any attention at all. Your site needs to inspire people to take action and make those sales or realize they definitely need you on their team.

    Blended with solid search engine optimization, good web design is one of the best ways to go about securing this. Let's say that you're an interior decorator. Even if you're the best in your town, county, state, or even the whole country, no one will take you seriously if your website isn't appealing to the eye and easy to navigate. It has to have the best possible text to help instill confidence in your skills, and rock solid SEO to help drive potential customers to the site in the first place. Otherwise, you'll have one resource for bettering your business left completely untapped.

    Think of it this way. Actors, actresses, and models can increase the likelihood of their success in getting work with great head shots and acting reels. Bands generally only get record contracts if they have an awesome sounding demo floating around. Every product you buy is likely something you saw advertised on television or in print. Your website exists to be your demo reel, or your alluring demo tape. It should show the very best of what you can do. Some rinky-dink cluttered website hastily put together with free templates will never convince anyone that you're really worth giving any attention. It's sad, but unfortunately very true.